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Roll out racks

  • Quick access in narrow aisles
  • Safe because of flexible loading by means of a crane system
  • High load capacity
  • Excess lengths are no problem
  • Time saving for stacking and unstacking
  • Gain more space in narrow warehouses

Design of roll out rack

Specially torsion free and rigid construction.

All moving parts are mounted on roller bearings.

The individual structures (2 control masts and 2 rack structures) are completely welded and assembled units.

Being cross-toothed, the driveshaft has a non-slip surface providing a good grip in order to ensure controlled rotary and roll off movements of the pushing arm even under load.

Rack and shelf height are variable.





A crank turning a spindle rolls out each rack arm.

Rolling out is carried out in a controlled manner and is limited by the depth of the arm. The ratio of spidle shaft to crank rotation is 2.36 : 1. With a full load 5 000 kg, an initial crank force of approx. 15 kg may be required; once in motion, only little force is needed.

Each rack unit consists of at least 2 base structures, longitudinal binders and control mast for each rack side.

Depending on the type of lengthy goods, several base structures can be implemented for each rack at a customer-specific spacing.

Residual lengths can be stacked with supporting pallet or shelf arm spacing is set as required.





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